My pilgrimage 

They called it a pilgrimage. It’s about a five-mile trek through quicksand, clay, high water, and shifting currents. All to see a fantastic church located on top of its on island. They call it Mont St. Michel and it just might be the most beautiful, grotesque building I have ever seen.

Beautiful as it was built for God. It’s tallest point reaches to the heavens and at the base, the rocks are decorated with a multicolored brush of sea life that serve as a reminder of the tides that will soon swallow up the path and serve to protect this formidable fortress.

Grotesque as the stones are jagged. Climbing up the rocks to the entrance, I am reminded of its impressive age. The cobblestone streets throughout the abbey are haphazard, built with the landscape. The walls of the fortress are marked with chipped, oblong stones. It’s impressive size matches the impressive feet to get there. The guide explains that it took over 500 years to build and the materials used to build it had to be brought over on boats and carried in at high tide. It is truly a piece of art.

The sheer magnitude of the building is enough to awe anyone but the fact that it was actually constructed is simply unfathomable.


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